This is the list of stats a unit has, and what they do:

Rank: Rank is the most important stat, in that rank boosts STR, DEX, and PSY. It therefore boosts everything: hit points, reaction time, accuracy, etc.

STR : Strength. Increases health points (HP). Strong units tend to survive battle wounds better.

DEX : Dexterity. Dexterity is an important stat that influences:

  • Increases total Time Units. High DEX units can move further. (This can be very important for low ranking units, who may not become high ranking units without good DEX.)
  • Reaction fire. High DEX units are more likely to use reaction fire.
  • Accuracy: High DEX units are more precise when shooting.

PSY : Pysche.

  • High PSY units are less likely to be killed when HP is depleted. (They get knocked out, instead.) Important for a rookie to survive missions.

HP : Hit points, this indicates how easily a unit gets killed or knocked out. (Whether the unit is killed or KO'd depends on PSY & Rank.)

TU : Time units, the total amount of time available to the unit per turn

Accuracy : Correlates to the chance that a unit's shot will hit. Higher accuracy ~ lower bullet spread ~ higher change of hitting.

Reaction : If a unit has enough Time Units left when the turn ends, his reactions will determine if he fires back. See Reaction Fire for more details.

Kills : The amount of killing shots this unit has delivered to aliens. Civilian and friendly fire kills don't count towards this total.

Missions : The amount of missions this unit has been on.

XP : Experience Points. Experience determines rank, and is based on

  • Alien Kills
  • Being wounded in battle
  • Bases shooting down alien craft also give an XP boost to units at that base
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