Installing a Mod, Windows Edit

On Win32, place the .xwdb files in the 'mods' subdirectory where you installed you game. When you next start the game, the mod will be available in the settings screen. You can change the mod, or set it back to the default, at any time from the settings screen.

If a bad mod is causing problems from your game, remove it from the 'mods' subdirectory or change its extension.

Installing a Mod, Android Edit

If your browser supports unknown file type downloads, you can download the .xwdb file. It will be placed in the 'dowloads' folder of your SD card, and Xenowar will scan it the next time the game starts.

If your browser does NOT support unknown file type downloads, you will get an error message from the browser, or a "download could not be completed" in the notification drop down. You can then place .xwbd files in the "downloads" subdirectory of your media card when it is mounted to your PC.

Some download managers can also download unknown file types.

If a bad mod is causing problems from your game, delete it from the 'downloads' directory.

Mod files Edit

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