The geo game is played out in real time.

Regions Edit

The world is split into 7 regions. (North, South, Africa, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Under.) Each region has a one or two traits that give bonus to that region, or bases built in that region.

Most importantly, each region has an indicator of alien control. As the aliens gain more control of a region, their attacks become more aggressive. If all the worlds regions are fully controlled, then the aliens win the game.

Terran Actions Edit

The player is trying to hold off the alien threat long enough to find the source of the scourge. The player options are:

  • Build bases.
    • Bases can build missiles (long range) weapons for downing UFOs.
    • Bases can build guns (short range) weapons for downing UFOs.
    • With a lander and squad, UFOs can be directly attacked
  • Shoot down UFOs
  • Attack UFOs on the ground
  • Destroy UFOs occupying cities


  • If aliens attack an un-manned base, it is immediately destroyed! But it takes a lot of alien control to attack a base.
  • You cannot attack a battleship without research
  • You cannot recover alien ammo without research

Alien Actions Edit

The aliens are trying to take over the world. Their alien bag of tricks includes:

  • Creating crop circles. Gives a little control.
  • Attacking cities. Gives significant control.
  • Occupying a capital - full control.

Aliens need some control to take steps - for example, they can't attack cities until they have put down enough crop circles.

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