The builder for creating mod resources is included with the Win32 version of the game. The instructions for running it are in the README.txt file.

The 'modstest' subdirectory contains example files.

  • XML files that describe the assets in the mod files
  • Image files to put in the database

Defining the Resources Edit

texture Edit

Texture assets used in the game. They must be power of 2 (except for the battleship and base background textures, which are 384x384.). Many textures are hand-packed into texture atlases for performance. It would be nice if future versions of the builder would auto-gen the texture atlases.

NOTE: be careful increasing textures sizes. In rare cases (ground textures, others?) the game requires a certain texture size. And larger textures can increase memory usage and impact performance on mobile GPUs.

  • assetName: the name of the asset.
  • filename: the filename in the directory.
  • dither: all images are converted to 16-bit. If dither is true, a dithering/smoothing algorithm is used. If false, a nearest color match is used.
  • width/height: the builder can down sample large source images. The original and destination size must both be powers of 2.

palette Edit

A palette is an input image that provides colors for the game. 

  • dx: the number of columns
  • dy: the number of rows
  • sx/y: offset for the sample. 0.5 (typical) is the middle of the column / row

font (v2.5) Edit

The font asset is the basis of text rendering. The asset is created with Bitmap Font Generator:

The default asset size for Xenowar is 256x128, although you can use a larger one. (And more memory at runtime.) 2 padding is recommended. The font is interpreted as an alpha texture, so no colors or outlines are supported. 

When you export:

  • 2 padding in all directions
  • png image file and xml data file
  • WARNING: the name of the asset and filename must contain the word "font". This is used to throw the texture into a special rendering mode.

BitmapFont will generate a .fnt file, that should be XML. You can cut and past the font tag into your mod file xml. You need to change the font tag to have these attributes:

<font assetName="font" filename="font_0.png">

Where the "font" and "font_0.png" are the names you are using. Please remember that "font" must be in the names.

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