Bases are the heart and soul of your effort against the aliens.

You can build a base by tapping the lower left button on the geo screen, and then tapping where you would like the base placed. The current cost of base construction is displayed on the button. The first base comes fully equipped, all future bases are empty.

Location Edit

A good base location is tricky. Things to consider:

  • Base weapons cover a circular area around the base. This coverage does not wrap over the poles, so bases near the equator can cover more of the world.
  • Each region has different traits that give benefits to bases in that region
  • Bases near cities can defend them, but
  • UFOs that crash in water or on cities are destroyed, so it can be harder to land on a crashed UFO.

Base Facilities Edit

Storage Edit

Storage is required to build base facilities. Base storage is unlimited.

Missiles & Guns Edit

Missiles (long range) and Guns (short range) provide automatic UFO attack capability for the base.

Sci Lab Edit

Requires Cargo. If you have a sci-lab, you can hire up to 8 scientists. Each scientist contributes to research speed. (All the scientists in all your bases work on the same research.)

Lander / Barracks Edit

Requires Cargo. If you have barracks, you can hire up to 8 soldiers, and get a lander. Soldiers can be used to attack landed or crashed UFOs, and defend the base.

WARNING, if aliens attack a base without a squad to defend it, it is immediately destroyed! If the squad is out on a mission when the aliens attack, they are immediately recalled to the base. You don't have to worry about sneak attacks.

Base Options Edit

Tap on a base to bring up options for that base.

Supply Edit

Supply allows you to buy and sell items with the host country. 

Equip Edit

Equip allows you to assign items to your squad members for that base.

Build Edit

Build allows you to build base facilities.

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