There are 7 types of Aliens:

  • Green (STR 30, DEX 60, PSY 50). Ray-guns.
  • Prime (STR 60, DEX 70, PSY 90). Ray guns and plasma rifles.
  • Hornet (STR 40, DEX 65, PSY 55). Plasma rifles.
  • Jackal (STR 80, DEX 50, PSY 80). Storm
  • Viper (STR 70. DEX 70, PSY 70). Plasma rifles.
  • Squid (STR 40, DEX 50, PSY 95). Ray guns.
  • Spitter (STR 70, DEX 70, PSY 40). Built in plasma spit.
  • Civilians
  • Soldiers
  • Green (short green alien)
  • Prime (tall green alien)
  • Hornet (red with pincers)
  • Jackal (squat, orange, 2 legs)
  • Viper (red with a cobra-hood)

From left to right is:

  • Green
  • Prime
  • Hornet. Hornets will both seek targets and stand guard at key points.
  • Jackal. The Jackal uses Storm weapons, which are high rate of fire explosive weapons. They can blast through a city or take down civilian units very quickly.
  • Viper. Vipers will both seek targets and stand guard at key points.
  • Squid. The squid has psi powers. With a successful psi attack (rings emit from the target's head), the alien AI will get updated with the location of all the units on the Terran/Civ team. They can then aggressively home in on units they couldn't previously see. An unsuccessful attack (purple particles) is good news, and alerts you to the presence of a Squid. Squids are between the Green and Prime in attack power.
  • Spitter. The Spitter shoots a relatively low power green ray attack. Any Civ killed by the attack, becomes a Crawler. (Not pictured; purple color, looks like a crab.) Every turn there is about a 40% the Crawler will metamorphasize into a Spitter. Be very careful than you can become quickly overwhelmed in a Spitter mission, and be prepared to evac.
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