Abbreviation What it stands for
ARM Armor
ASLT Assault Rifle
COR A spacecraft's engine core
DEX Dexterity
HP Hit Points
Inv Inventory and items on the ground
LR Long Range
MCAN Mini (mobile) Cannon
PLS Plasma Rifle
PSY Pyche
RAY Raygun
SG Shield Generator. Shields come in several types:
  • SG:K - Kinetic shields protect against bullet weapons.
  • SG:I - Incendiary shields protect against fire weapons, including Spitters and Storms.
  • SG:E - Energy shields protect against cell weapons (most Alien weapons).
  • SG:P - Psi shields protect against Squid scan.
STR Strength
Soldr Soldier
Sctst Scientist
TU Time Units
Wpns Weapons
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